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George Shively - May & June 2017

“Every painting is a journey. I almost never have a fixed image as a goal. It’s absolutely fascinating to see the image change and evolve. One piece may have color and shapes of an ancient temple in India while the next project may have the look and feel of the upland rainforest on Maui. The energy I try to infuse into each piece is a result of my outer worldly travels and my inner meditations.”

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Andrea Buczkowski - March & April 2017

"Where are you from?"

This question seems harder and harder to answer... More of a matter of where I have been. I am a lover of adventure, and an experience seeker. A rolling stone gains no moss; many roads and paths I have crossed.

Experience is the backbone of wisdom, and a life enriched with experience, is time well spent. This may not be a traditional bio, but to understand these core concepts, is a bio in itself; and explains greatly who I am.

Painting is more than meditative. It's rewarding, and fulfilling. It's proof of using your time constructively. Hanging on the walls are parts of my accomplishments that I am honored to share!

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Sunny LeGrand - January & February 2017

My artistic approach is bold & abstract, typically filled with movement, texture and emotion in a rainbow-colored palette. For me, art is all about expressing my passionate reactions to life. People often ask what gives me inspiration. The simple answer is almost everything!

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Pat Moore - September & October 2016

I am constantly observing my surroundings and conceiving images that will convey the essence of a place or topic and tell a story. Every image I take has a plan behind it. Exposure, composition, subject and digital darkroom techniques combine to create collages and photographic collections allowing the viewer to experience a moment in time, an emotion or perhaps a place they long to be or remember dearly.

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Joshua Jerue - August 2016

My name is Joshua Jerue and I have been a busy artist since childhood creating music and paintings year after year. I started writing songs by 9th grade and had a grunge rock band junior and senior year of high school. I began painting public window art 13 years ago during holidays and many public and private murals have been created.

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Michael Arciniega - July 2016

Ashland High School Alum, Michael Arciniega is our featured artist for July 2016. A classmate of owners Bonnie & Tiffany, Michael's display coincides with their 30 year class reunion. On display will be his never before seen "Greetings from Alcatraz" collection.

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Ernesto Ramirez - June 2016

Our featured artist for June 2016 is Ernesto Ramirez. Together with his sons Alejandro, age 11 and Emilio Ramirez, age 7, Ernesto showcases their paintings in acrylic medium Their art is a family affair trying to express creativity in fine arts. Ernesto has exposed his sons to the world of art from early ages by demonstrating his skills using various mediums and has encouraged them to explore their own styles and interpretations of the world. 

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