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Ernesto Ramirez - June 2016

Our featured artist for June 2016 is Ernesto Ramirez. Together with his sons Alejandro, age 11 and Emilio Ramirez, age 7, Ernesto showcases their paintings in acrylic medium Their art is a family affair trying to express creativity in fine arts. Ernesto has exposed his sons to the world of art from early ages by demonstrating his skills using various mediums and has encouraged them to explore their own styles and interpretations of the world.

Ernesto was born in El Salvador and migrated in the late 80s to the United States where he received amnesty for Central American people caught in the ravages of war.

Since the age of 18, Ernesto has experimented using chalk, pastels and drawing cartoon characters. Through his studies at Rogue Community College, he refined his painting skills using watercolors and acrylics.

Ernesto enjoys sharing his artistic skills and has volunteered at the Italian Street Painting Festival in San Rafael and locally at Talent Elementary School and Sacred Heart Catholic School. Once a year he is the chalk artist for the annual Thinker Fest at Science Works Museum in Ashland and participates in the Art Along the Rogue Festival in Grants Pass. Ernesto hopes to continue growing as an artist and to encourage young children to discover their creative selves.