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Joshua Jerue - August 2016

My name is Joshua Jerue and I have been a busy artist since childhood creating music and paintings year after year. I started writing songs by 9th grade and had a grunge rock band junior and senior year of high school. I began painting public window art 13 years ago during holidays and many public and private murals have been created.

My grandmother was born and raised in Mt. Shasta and as a child I heard mystical stories of the Elves (elders) that live in the mountain. Fifteen years ago I began having my own amazing personal experiences and encounters with Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation and even the Telos civilization inside the mountain. These different groups of beings have introduced, educated and demonstrated the awareness of unity and oneness to help me heal and evaporate my fears and worries and have helped me recover my passions of truthful creativity and the honesty of self expression.

For me, to follow the “Sacred Flow” is to “Follow My Bliss”. Accepting the flow is harmony with the Creator and breaks down all my fear and misery and amplifies my passions. Every song and creative expression is a prayer of love and gratitude to the Creator creating all that is. I will continue sharing paintings and performing music as much as I can.