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Sunny LeGrand - January & February 2017

My artistic approach is bold & abstract, typically filled with movement, texture and emotion in a rainbow-colored palette. People often ask what gives me inspiration. The simple answer is almost everything! Living up and down the West Coast has certainly inspired me in many ways, along with my stint in NYC, but my international travels have affected every part of my life — especially my artwork.

For me, art is all about expressing my passionate reactions to life. I have my own style that has been influenced by my experiences rather than art teachers. I will say that in today’s world there are several exciting artists, several embracing digital technology, who have rocked my world! Thanks to all those who inspire me to explore my creativity in the digital field, as well as, my mixed media, sculpture and painting.

I love every piece I do, but don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I think every piece is terrific or even the best I can do, it’s just that I love doing it. If you look at a piece of my artwork and ask, “What is it supposed to be?” That question is yours to answer. I may offer a description, but see what YOU see ... feel what YOU feel ... think what YOU think. And hopefully in the process, something will happen. Delight, curiosity, attitude, emotion, memories ... whatever that might be, it’s a gift. A bit from me, but mostly from YOU to YOU!

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