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AHS National Art Honor Society - January & February 2018

The National ART Honor Society is an organization open to high school students with a talent for and an interest in ART. Responsibilities include regular informal meetings, service to the art community, promotion of artwork in the world and a serious attitude toward the important role of art in our world.

The National Art Honors Society at Ashland High School is dedicated to constructing a supportive art community in the Rogue Valley. We have worked in the past with the Family Nurturing Center in Phoenix and Medford, creating murals for entryways and play areas. We’ve also had students show their work in the Student Art Walk at galleries across town each March.

In this show, we combined our different talents to create a variety of pieces that are centered around the theme of Ubuntu. A Zulu proverb meaning “I am because we are.” Our mission through “Drawn Together” is to showcase the artistic abilities of Ashland High School’s youth while giving back to our community for all that they’ve given us.

The proceeds from this show will go back to the Ashland Schools Foundation so that students can continue to have opportunities like this in the future. We encourage the community Ashland to continue to be compassionate and open-minded because it gives our community its strength and brings us together. We also encourage that as you look through these works of art, take a moment to think about your community, whether that is Ashland, our school or your workplace, and remember that each and every one of has the power to shape our surroundings. It is important that we take what has been given to us with gratitude and pay it forward to those who need it.