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George Shively - May & June 2017

George had to draw and paint any and everything from the time he was six years old. He enjoyed drawing leaves on trees as much as truck engines. George took art twelve years in public school. After high school, he attended Cleveland Institute of Art. He received a degree in Industrial Design and Painting. After art school, he completed a Master’s in Education from Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. He became an art teacher in public school. He also developed his own art skills during his 30 year tenure as an art teacher.

He has worked in watercolor, oil, pencil, pastel and acrylics. His favorite materials to work with are pastels and acrylics. Occasionally, he experiments with layered colored pencil pieces.

George uses his love of nature as an inspiration for all his work. His many trips to India, China and Hawaii, as well as his hiking experiences in Arizona and New Mexico influence how he interprets light, form and space. Occasionally, George does realistic drawings, but most of his work is abstract and non-objective.

“Every painting is a journey. I almost never have a fixed image as a goal. It’s absolutely fascinating to see the image change and evolve. One piece may have color and shapes of an ancient temple in India while the next project may have the look and feel of the upland rainforest on Maui. The energy I try to infuse into each piece is a result of my outer worldly travels and my inner meditations.”

George was raised in Ohio and he and his wife Diann lived in Ohio and Arizona before moving to Ashland in April 2016.