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Kristen O'Neill - July & August 2018

Kristen O’Neill received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2003.  After graduation she returned to the West Coast. She paints hiking experiences from photographs, collaborating with hikers from around the country. She is the Assistant at the Grants Pass Museum of Art, and enjoys teaching art. Her work has been featured in Southern Oregon Magazine and Professional Artist Magazine. Her landscape paintings have been exhibited in the Midwest, and the West Coast. Kristen also enjoys coaching other artists on their businesses with Alyson Stanfield ( Kristen greatly enjoys the process of painting from photographs, and how it allows her to paint in the morning before her daughters wake up. Using a slow-drying acrylic paint, Kristen paints on both paper and canvas.

Oregon Coast Trail explores the 362-mile trail along the coast of our beautiful state. Hiked and photographed by Pete Miller in the summer of 2016, Kristen was able to vicariously go on the hike via painting. Everyday Pete would send Kristen his photos of that day, and the next morning Kristen would wake up early, pick out her image and create a painting. Then Kristen would text Pete a photo of the painting. He was her explore, and she was his cheerleader. For more information visit

For more information visit