About Café 116

116 LITHIA WAY - ASHLAND - OREGON - 541.488.6414

Using mostly organic ingredients and buying to a large degree from regional vendors, we make everything in house. Our New York style bagels are hand made and water boiled, we bake our own croissants, we make fresh quiches with hearty crusts, and we cook two soups every day. We make sure our food is fresh, healthy and always tasty. 

For our coffee drinks we use Blue Bottle Coffee from Oakland, CA. to make sure our beans are of the highest quality, we make our own Chai Tea - a little sweet, a little spicy, we make our own Lemonades and cold brew New Orleans Iced Coffee. For our Mochas and Hot Chocolates we use the decadent chocolate from Tcho in San Francisco.

In short: we care for our products and our customers and want you to leave feeling entirely satisfied. 

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