Café 116

Open daily from 7:30 - 4

541 488 6414          116 Lithia Way         Ashland OR

Café 116 combines premium coffee and espresso drinks with fresh and healthy food.  Unique for our upstairs kitchen, Café 116 makes and bakes all of our breakfast, lunch and pastries items.  From traditional French croissants to inspiring soups and quiches, our café gives you that place to go for an excellent cappuccino and a delightful healthy meal.

We use Heart Coffee Roaster's beans from Portland, Oregon, 'a specialty coffee roasting company aiming to bring people a focused and an exceptional coffee experience'.

Café 116 was opened in 2011 by owner Joachim Wald with high hopes to create a vibrant breakfast and lunch cafe in a contemporary setting.  Originally from Germany, Joachim spent much of his time in large European cities and brings a bit of their much beloved styles to his café.

This café is perfect for many occasions, a quick bite to eat, sit down with friends or family for breakfast or lunch, a quick latte to go, a coffee business meeting, studying for a test in the calm environment or simply to hang out with your favorite scone or coffee. So come on by and have a cup of coffee with us.